Table 2

Characteristics of digital patient decision-support tools (shaded rows are patient decision aids; non-shaded are educational tools)*

StudyDigital delivery modeCompletion in pathway of careFrequency of use by patientsCalculation of individualised stroke risk and /or bleeding riskRisk communicationAdditional resourcesCo-design
Mobile appWeb appComputer-basedWaiting roomDuring consultSelf-utilised at home, pre-visitSingleMultipleStroke riskBleeding riskRecalculates risk with treatment100-persons pictographsScore (eg, CHAD2DS2-VAScNumeric (%, 1 in X chance)Patient reportElicits patient values /preferencesVideosWith patientsWith clinicians
Kunneman 202025–27ManualManual
Wang 202228ManualNo
Guo 201729Automatic†Automatic†
Fraenkel 201230ManualManual
Thomson 200731ManualManual
De Castro 202132ManualManual
Kovoor 202133NoNo
Kapoor 202134ManualNo
Loewen 201935ManualManual
Eckman 201836Automatic†Automatic†
Stephan 201837ManualManual
  • *Additional information is available in online supplemental file 8.

  • †Automated risk calculation using data from the electronic medical record.

  • √, characteristic present.