Table 3

Interventions in included studies (summary) by EPOC taxonomy and subcategory

Audit & feedbackEducationClinical practice guidelinesRemindersOrganisational cultureEnvironmental restructuringOtherAuthority & accountability for quality of practice
Ang et al23Care pathway
Carter et al24
Chambrin et al41
Epstein et al25
Glenski and Levine26
Martinez Ruiz et al28
Patel and Smith-Steinert42
Pinder et al31
Richter et al43
Tay et al40
Wyssusek et al36
Zuegge et al37
Grimmond et al38
Labib et al27
Neves et al30
Wormer et al35
McAlister et al29
Regan et al32
Wang et al34Telemedicine
McCarthy et al39
  • Intervention targets anaesthesia, waste disposal, unnecessary testing or energy use.

  • EPOC, Effective Practice and Organisation of Care.